Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


Source, Life doesn't need anything... It doesn't need to manifest itself...
It doesn't need to entertain itself... yet... It Does!

It's Aliveness itself!


Journey  Funny Show  Satisfaction  Being Here  Love's Dance  Nataraj  Peace  The Play  Moksha  Bliss
No Matter  Objectless  Soundless  Inside Play  Fact  Embrace  The Last Story  Sheer Madness  Feed Back
Aliveness  Imagination  True Master  Like that  Miracle  Godsend  Report  Have a look!  After Care
Priceless  Tell the Truth  The Enjoyer  No Judgment  Be Well  English Wise  Madness  Answer  Seriously
Welcome  My Very Self  The Value  Feed-Back  Notes  All Over  No Reality  To Seekers  Dis.. Play
Turn Back  Being in Truth  Same One  Turiya  Succes Fool  Cool Down  A Dance  Emptiness  Notice


O v e r f l o w

Om Shanti Om  om-gif 


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