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The Value of Being Now.

Before to add anything, just see that you are now, only now now now dropping into itself. This is a fact. This very moment unfolding unto itself endlessly, timelessly. This moment, being now is all there is. Investigate directly. Do you recognize that?...

Now, you are, no doubt, no matter what. Can you be out of now? Obviously not!... Try it!... Where can you go? Nowhere, only here now. Even if the body moves, will you be somewhere else than here or out of now?

Don't believe anything. Do not accept any statement. Just see if it is true or not. Take your time to investigate this... It has to be seen clearly... or not.

If you can't recognize that, don't go further, just stop to read these words they are useless if you can't recognize what they point out. Do what you need to do and don't bother about it. Have a good time...

If you recognize that you are now and only now, regardless of memories, expectation and other projection of any kind, let's explore being now. Stop to read for a minute and just check for your self how it is to be now, not looking for anything, your simple being, as it is. Now.

Just being now, just giving our attention on being now, just being aware now. (   ...   )

Ok, let's feel the body and let it moves naturally if needed in a more comfortable posture. Just simply, effortlessly, let the body finds a good sit, a good stand. Test it, sense it. Any discomfort? Let the body move again, let it finds the most relaxed posture... ( - - - - ).

Ok. Now, do not look forward, do not look backward, not the moment before nor the moment after, just this very moment now. Just being open, letting all expectation on the side for a while. Innocently. Just genuinely being now, exploring being now, bringing all our attention now. Now.

Have you noticed any sense of time passing by until now? Just see it directly. Have you noticed any thinking process coming in? Just see, do not refer to any thought about it. Just the awareness of it.

Are you still aware of what is going on in the body and around?... Of course you are, no doubt. You are aware of the body sensations, thoughts if any, movement, temperature, vision, hearing, breathing, smelling, tasting. Everything is perfectly working by itself without your help and you are aware of all of that. Isn't it? Just see the bare facts, just see by yourself if it is true or not. Do not believe anything, we have enough of that.

Do you need any effort to be aware?... No, it's effortless, we cannot help it. Try not to be aware now!... Can you?... No. Just being now is to be aware, totally. It is being aware totally, without any focus, without focusing on any particular aspect appearing in our consciousness through the mind references, and yet including all the phenomena. Do you recognize that?...

Being now is being free. Just see for yourself if it is true. What is your direct experience now? Do not overlook, see now. When else can we see? Just see it, as simple as it is right now. Do not surmise about it, directly the reality now. Do you recognize the value and freedom of now? Of being aware this very moment?...

Do you recognize that being aware is your very nature, regardless of any content?... Isn't it contentment? This can only be your own recognition and earnestness. Nobody else. This is everyone's freedom. Always.

Try to get out of being aware now!... Can you?... We can only pretend to move through mind imagination, this is all. The fact is, just see it; Being is here and now. It does'nt move at all!... Before, during and beyond all imagination, we Are. Try not to be! Can you?... Try to lose being aware!... Even if the mind can pretend that we are lost, it is just not true. We are still aware. We are just believing a thought. Only the funny idea of it can be lost. It is just a thought. And we know it's not true!

Being aware now is Truth, not relative truth. The nature of truth, of being, is spacelessness, emptiness which includes the fullness of everything. Don't step in the mind process now, or just see it. See the movement of the thoughts. Stay as you Are. Don't try to figure it out. Don't bother the thoughts passing by. Being is free, you Are it, just see it. Are you ready to value this? Now, only, here. This is Freedom. This is what you truly Are.

You cannot lose it, you cannot get lost. You are always here and now. Only the mind, the thinking process can be confused, even though you are aware of that. You are aware of yourself being aware of the confusion playing in the mind. Are you yourself lost? Don't you know yourself?... Yes, how can't you? You are just mistaking yourself to be the thinking process, that is all. Are you the mind?... Investigate.

This is one of the basic confusion. See the untruth of this misidentification and its effect of suffering. An happy thought, you feel happy, a depressed thought, you feel depressed or confused. You take yourself to be happy, depressed or confused. You just identify with the thoughts being 'you'. Just see it now, this is the only moment to see it, always.

Does your being itself depend on a thought or how it feels like?... Do you see that you are not the mind nor its colourful feelings?... Do you see that you have to be before anything to arise?... Do you recognize that you have to be and to be aware to perceive anything?... And that what you perceive you are not?...

Investigate, see it directly by yourself, for yourself, in yourself. Now. See who you really Are. Do not believe any thought, check it out. What are you referring to?... See that which never moves, see what is truly reliable.

Being aware is our very nature, and we are That, all the way through! Happiness or unhappiness are just moods passing by. Is the sky wet when the rain is falling? Or disturbed when clouds are passing by? Is it touched? We Are, no matter what, and we are aware. This is the truth. Just don't take yourself for the objects playing in your consciousness.

Don't mistake yourself to be a subject, to be 'someone', to be 'somebody'; this is the root of suffering...

See what is free, Now!... You are That!


This is the Truth.


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