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To seekers...

If you're looking for this famous awakening, the way is right where you are right now. No need to go for long, faraway and awful journey. Just be in tune with your self. Awakening is not an escape or a "duty-free" business, that's a reversal; it's a full commitment to Life itself. Awakening doesn't allow you to get away; it's the full service to everybody and everything.

Look within your self if you are dishonest, or simply not truly genuine. If you make wrong politeness or true lies, if you're faking or pretending, if you are not deeply in tune with your self, if you make wrong trials or fake forgiveness. Don't lie to yourself, do consciously this path of clarification and honesty. Put yourself simply clear with all aspects that you recognize within yourself as not true.

This is enough. This simple Ariadne's thread will lead you directly and quickly to self realization and awakening. Do not compromise. If you are aware of a mistake, correct it. If you are not in tune with your life, move and take responsibility consciously and in full consequence. Clean up your cabinet, empty your pockets, wash your dishes, do your laundry and home cleaning. And pay your bill! Don't keep anything aside.

If you have been unfair or simply not really honest, admit it and recognize it. Make amends, no praise no blame. By and by you will notice an easiness and some grace flowing in your life, and your inside sky will clear up to the point where nothing will veil anymore your true nature. Surrender your lies and truth reveals itself naturally. That's it. And actually you already know it !

Then. It's always now ! That's a new birth or rebirth and a new challenge. Stay true to this realization within yourself and with the world's appearance. You jump from the personal plan to the universal including the collective on the way. That's an enormous deal! Everything, absolutely everything is included! Be vigilant!

The way you will assimilate this. it's again and always the great mystery! Stay simply as loyal as possible to this realization and recognition. in the moment, now, simply consciously. And don't indulge or trap yourself in "awakened" temptation or infatuation! Nothing is never granted!


All is already given, forgiven.

That's the Great Play of Life !


Ps : If awakening is none of your business, that's as good, no obligation.
But if simply your life's quality and relating quality mean something to you...
Then do the same! That's only for you !

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