Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


To go along intelligence to Intelligence itself is a very easy and joyful journey...

To go through intellectual arrogance and conditioning back to Intelligence itself is a real hardship and a pain in the neck! It's really a mind-trip!

We cannot be more being than we are, or more aware than we are. And the truth is we know it!

We only focus on objects, a range of 'subjective-objective' experiences in our consciousness, that's all. In no way we can Be more than we Are. We only play with the focus of our attention in awareness.

Focused on imagination it appears as objects playing and passing in our consciousness. Unfocused, it is just back to its Source, Absolute Nature of Awareness.

Not a single object, not a single thought will add anything to what we already Are. Awareness is consciousness free of all content, yet including them all! It is Contentment itself!

Freedom is our Joyful Nature, not even a state! Pure Isness.
We cannot add Intelligence, Purity or Clarity, this is just What Is as it is.

Just being quiet, naturally, effortlessly... we can see that we only imagine objects in our "being-aware" just to entertain our self. This has to be truly investigated and clearly realised in oneself.

Once this is really seen, there is no more confusion... (even if it still can appear to play!)


Just Being-Enjoying this 'ordinary' and so amazing Life!..

This is What Is Now ...



Satsang, the Direct Meeting of What Is om-gif 

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