Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


We know nothing but now.
This is all the Sharing and the Meeting. Right Now.
This very moment unfolding unto itself. All else is suffering and illusion.
There is nothing we can do. Things come and go.
All appearing and disappearing by itself now. Nothing we can keep.

We just overlook our 'Nowness', our Suchness.
Fullness and Freedom of Being Now. We just 'surf' on the web of sensations.

Dive Now, in this Awareness Being Now! Dwell in Being-Now, and all is already given.
Being Aware Now is the sole Reality.

Soundless and Timeless.


Flying like a bird... Standing like a tree... Sitting like a rock... Lying like a beach...

All words washed away...

O c e a n


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