Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...

Welcome to Satsang!

Satsang is the Meeting of the Truth or the True Meeting. It is the invitation to Meet Truly, to Meet the Truth that Is, that we Are already, not sometime else, but just Right Now, as we are, to re-cognize in our self, by our self, what is finally True, in the midst of what is just all relative and simply not True!

Beyond our fears or desires, beyond all our imagination and expectations, beyond all the lies of who we are not and pretend to be, the Meeting of Truth is all what we always really want.

This is our own Nature, our own Aliveness! That's our own Heart and Freedom! That's our True Self, our true Being ! Realizing Truth is really liberating and the only "Real-ease" to be found! It is simple, it has to, it is Being, as simple as it Is.

It is just where we Are, exactly as we Are, free of the masks and burden of the changing and deceiving "personality", just the Truth of Right Here and Right Now! Just "This".

This is the Light we are looking for. This Absolute Awareness we Are. This never moves, "This" we Truly Are. Do you really want to Meet your True Self?... It is Freedom itself!

Welcome Home!



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