Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


In the principle nothing can let presume anything, especially not this unusual curiosity that is used to be called "Awakening", "Self-Realization" or even "Enlightenment". These terms define nothing. At the best they point or testify an improbable possibility where the dreamer, dreaming itself to be a "person" living and relating in a definite and solid world, suddenly realize itself Absolute Consciousness. Nothing else, only "this". Unpredictable omen.

History and tradition speak of sages, saints, Buddha's and other Christ's. Odd and unverifiable evidences of this accession for the least strange. What does that bring us? Naught or not much but the funny faraway and weird thought of such an event. What's the concern of that?... In everything!

That's the formal announcement and call-up through our selfishly and sated sleepiness of our true awakeness or nature of reality. Before all principle, the whole innocence, the whole potency and infinite freedom of Being. Nothing can really be said about. but everything suggests it! All the words, as flimsy they can be, and even more the silent and virgin spacelessness in which they appear and unfold.

Development without question nor answer, pure utterance of consciousness, of Consciousness only. Where does that lead us?... Here, just here and now. The return, the rediscovery and celebration of Consciousness within and by itself.

Everything is its Invitation!



satsang charles coutarel