Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...

Love's Dance...

I don't share anything but love, and this love is not mine but yours!


I am not a "lover of truth". Truth is and truth is love.
When the lover is gone, love is, truth is...


Whenever we love, it's love loving itself.
There is nothing else. There is no other.
Only love, this is the truth.


Love has nothing to do with what we think it is, not at all! True love is selflessness, not ego fulfillment. The only purpose of love is to blow up our self image! When we are no more, love reveals itself in its magnificence and totality. It burns us in its fire and truth reveals itself as unconditional love.

There is nobody to love, there is only love.


I am not... and yet I am! om-gif 

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