Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...

"Know Thyself"...

Famous short cut of the old sentence from Delphi, now a day modernised and partially revealed. The first question is this one: "What do we refer to ourself like?"... The second is: "Who amI?", or better, "What am I trully"... and last: "What's finally true?"...

Those questions invite us to reconsider what we take for granted about ourselves. All our so-called knowings and theoratical scolar knowledge of the world. What do we know really? We have learn many things, but how can we know if those knowings and knowledge are actually grounded and true, and in which part?

This is the invitation to inquire, to know oneself, to recognize oneself beyond prejudices, habits, believes and assomptions of what we have mainly assimilated and admited as being ourself without any prior and true authentification. That's an exhaustive and systématic examination of our own Consciousness. In full awareness. Nothing else.

That's the lineage of self knowing, of self realization.


That's the waking up of Consciouness to itself.


That's Freedom.



satsang charles coutarel