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Beloved Ananta/Satto
this web site is such a breath of fresh air.... really no words can express the thanks that well up within me... the bliss love freedom of being here/now... not me but awareness of it all.... toes curls and just laughter!!!!!... nothing to realize... Just a big this is it.... moment to moment to moment............ houlalalalal..... hahahahaha you see yourself coming to america??............. again thanks for the beautiful web site that points me back to myself... freedom love peace itself.... BEING ITSELF.... NO-SELF ...all BEING..... here/now.... isness... hugs and kisses love prem michael




My face is burning and there is no end to it. It is O.K.
Thank you. Love. Bernarda


Dear Satto, Dear Ananta
I wish you a good trip up north - I wish I could be with you. Thanks again for everything during the last intensive. The last day I experienced as the longest day in my life. It is so precious to me what you allow me to experience, to go always deeper and to feel this ocean of love. Have a great time in Dharamsala and I will see you the latest next year somewhere in India. With much love, Evelyne


Dear Ananta and Satto,
I just found your message and I quickly wanted to say goodbye to you. Meeting you was a real pleasure and a real present from the universe, thanks a lot for sharing with me, I'll try to remember the truth and speak it. Hoping to see you again. All my best wishes and love, Tina


Dear Sattoji,
I came twice for satsang. Since then I have changed.
I have found something which never changes.
Thank you very much. Many thanks. Jaideep


I ask you, "do you know something" (of this strange world - what is happening there?) - you answered "do YOU know something" - and i took it as answer, " yes, there is nothing to know, there is no knower at all". We laughed - we huged, i feel your energy going down (!) the spine, vibrating. I have to earth again. Totally crazy. No drugs.
The rest, the "integration", the "becomming more & more clear about that", took long time. Different times of clarity, of "satoris", of crazy confusion, comming going, all together more then a year. slowly slowly slowly it became "normal".
Now it is nothing special anymore. no difference to others, nothing different at all - and everything different in the same time.
Of course, there where many who gave me help, even people which did "satsang" since then. But the very first which i met in silence consciousness was YOU - no matter if you know it, or dont know it. anyway, as you once said, "it is just a mirror".
So: :BOWING DOWN TO YOU FINALLY: - THANK YOU !!! (even while knowing, i have to thank god, this all together ... - but you as form, or, lets say, in my consciousness, god just took some special form to help me, and this form was you ...) (and anyway, someone has to play this role *gg*) I still see this guy laughing at me...
Dont ask me, why i did not tell you - there was nobody there to tell, and nobody there, to talk to.
This silence all there is. But at least i can write it.
So, Love from an "old" friend ...


Love is there, but differently, more real, accepting the whole the way it is, without wanting to change anything. And who is it?wanting to change. The same un real Ghost. Without it everything is perfect, the way it is.ha.ha.!!!
Yea am going to be busy again working and making money for this beloved bodymind. A project is on its way.
So dear bakerybabaji, Namasteji.. Untill We meet again. Love let live Pravas


Seing the joke more and more!! much love always all ways xoxox


Yea beloved Satto,
Really nothing to say, nothing to do, nowhere to go. Its raining and the grass is growing.
Aha what a mystery... Love and Prayer. Pravas.


Ahhhhh!! Loud and clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Embracing you, Michelle


Beloved satto
remember last new year, remember the rain - where are you i wonder.
in india maybe, i think so, i hope so, because maybe i will come there soon and see you ..............
it's been a crazy time satto since i got back here in england totally crazy and so so funny.
i've written you a thousand poems and songs in my head and i've never sent one but
you are forever in my heart beloved satto and the matreya in the bakery is sent gratitude and love, forever,
my heart overflows my beloved friend satto and humble is my heart when i think of you.
i send you love, love, love so much love, i am love, your friend and own sweet self pragya


Beloved Satto,
In this way i try to stretch out my heart towards you. Gratitude, thankfullness.
I feel, i could not let you in your overflow of love, your invitation.
Still, that much i could allow, the taste, of that vastness, infinite love you are
Thank you, thank you. Asim


Beloved Satto, yes there is no end to thanks, you can't get rid of it..
don't even trie... ha..ha..ho..ho.. endless gratitude your friend dolano


Dear Satto
Thank you very very much for being so nice to me, I was just wanted to say the same as always when I open this mail and then you answer me without I need to ask you again, is always the same story and I don't even realise that in that moment until I read your mail, so thank you I am so greatfull with you. Are you in Pune? can you give me Ananta mail please I want to say hello to her, I have never write her and I want to know about her also. Miss you Satto and Ananta too and I can not stop to want to be there.
Much Much Love. Ahorita Banana


Yahoo beloved ones.........
writing now to share the love and bliss that we are!!... though words fall short of the love that i feel for both you and ananta had to write to express the additions to your website.... a hug of hugs is awaiting you when you come to america...wink wink..hahaha...... this being is a bundle of laughter with ever growing gratitude... how not to be as it is!!!!..all here in this moment of expression.. living the love that we ordinary and boundless... pure seeing/!!!!!!!!!!
love and kisses michael


my gratitude because your e-mail is like a sweet balsam-elexir,,that remember me my BEING,,
thanks, marga



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