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First we appear as a bunch of aliveness that we call a body. We are, simply, with no idea of being an individual or a person, no idea at all. Just enjoying our aliveness for itself, no matter the expression it takes. And somehow, this bunch of aliveness, this potential is expanding, growing and transforming.

We develop senses and reflection and at a point we start perceiving ourselves as an individual relating with other individual, subject an object, "this and that", "I and you". This "I" is still then just a simple sense of being.

By and by this sense of being, triggered by its perceptions and interpretations, starts to define itself, to personalize itself and creates its own character. Mainly by imitation, bits and pieces borrowed here and there, nothing really personal; it's just a make-up thing, a play, nothing serious.

Aliveness is going on and at some further point of its development, sooner or later, this "I" character is going usually, apart from some rare cases, to crystallize itself as a "person" with its own definitions, opinions, conditions, certainties... and expectations!

Now life is being taken very personal and fairly seriously. That's what we refer to as "ego", which can also be called "me-blindness"... Of course that's an illusion, nothing real or genuine in that. It's all made up, but somehow we manage the "tour de force" to believe strongly in it, for best and worse.

Meanwhile, noticed or not, aliveness is still enjoying itself, moving, dancing, singing, calling and responding to itself. Tricking itself, teasing itself... (it always does!) That's its play.

According to everyone listening and openness... this is a great mystery... any so-called individual may realize the unreality of this ego thing: this pretended or faked personality, this funny role playing... And finally self realizing itself as this pure, infinite, loving and free aliveness aware of itself and delighting itself...

This is what is. It has always been, all the way through, as every other single thing on so-called planet Earth or anywhere else... and will always be. This is a far out trip and an incredible imaginary journey from oneself to Self, from nowhere to Now Here, from greed to Love.

That's aliveness play -including this- call it as well God or Godliness if you wish or need to believe it, no problem. It doesn't change anything, you can dream, argue and complain, that's okay; anyway you are it!

And that's really nothing personal!



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