Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...

No Two...

Whatever we think...
Feel or sense about anything is but our own projection.
Be it so called positive or negative, it has no reality into itself.
So it is for what we call "our self" in the first place.
This seen, what's left?...
What is left is Free.
It's our True Nature.
Freedom Itself.


Nature takes care of itself.

It is one with Itself.

There is no two.


We are not to do anything
because there is nothing we can do.
We are not the doer, we are not the actor,
We are the awareness of it, only, always.
So what are we to do or not do?
It is already being done.
All done in ...


In Truth, does any thought matter?
Does any thought has any lasting reality?


Just stay quiet, as Is.

Quiet is what is in the first place.

Nobody can confirm nobodyness.

There is no other. No me, no you.

The play of appearence is a mystery,

a Miraculous Play.


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