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We cannot expect not to be, for being is all there is. This has to be seen clearly.

There is only being.

There is not such a thing as "non-being", it is only a concept pointing to "not-being-a-thing". As well we cannot expect not to be aware, for it's our very nature, we cannot help "being-aware". There is not such a thing as being unaware, it is just a trick of the mind to protect itself from its deception. Awareness is free, Being is free, the mind is a joker!

The very fact of being-aware is undeniable. Try to not be and to not be aware! You can't! Only the mind can pretend it, even though you are aware of that! And you know it perfectly well! There is no way not to be aware! And this is where the most of our trouble come from and most of our suffering and exhaustion too!

The mind would like to be able to select and master being and not being to fit and please its own mis-conceptions, but it is just impossible. Yet the mind is trying hard to its very limits, even to the point of driving itself crazy! Finally that's all it can do, even then, you are still aware of that! Awareness is before and beyond the mind and cannot be switched off. Only memories in consciousness can be switched off or pushed away, not awareness. Try it and see by yourself!

We have to see that very clearly, otherwise it is how we go on denying our real nature of awareness. To recognise that we are always aware will bring us to face all the lies and hypocrisies of our conditioned mind and its mistaken beliefs. It is just our resistance to recognise the truth, resistance based on the illusion and identification that we are what we are aware of, starting with the thoughts, instead of seeing the simple and effortless reality of 'being-aware' itself. Aware of, yes, but we are not what is perceived !

As long as we take the body-mind to be the reality and reference for ourselves, we suffer with it. We can see and realise through investigation, that we are not the body-mind itself but the awareness in which it appears. Identification is just a link which connect us but doesn't bind. When we know that our Real Self has nothing to do with some passing-by moods or with any of all the colourful change of our perceptions, why not to enjoy it? All the display of thoughts, emotions, sensations that we can experiment are just for our sake, like a movie, but in no way they are us, in no way can they define or describe our Self. They are only describing a character that we are not. It is just all happening in us. We are free of all that.

We are the freedom in which all that is appearing and disappearing ceaselessly. We are 'That' which makes all the play possible. We are the Absolute, self-contained, and contentment is our very nature. Not as a body-mind. Let's be very clear. The body-mind is meant to go through birth and death, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow. Of course we are related to it directly, but it doesn't imply that we are it.

This we can only know by direct insight and through direct and earnest investigation. It is not a concept, we are not a concept nor are we some bits and pieces of a body-mind, flesh and bones, blood and tears. Inquire, let's not mistake who we are with what we perceive. Let's be aware of what we are referring to. Let's see our confusion.

Nobody can be true for somebody else. The stating of the truth is of little use, just an invitation and an encouragement to really investigate by oneself and for oneself what is finally true in the direct experience now. Nobody can do it but oneself and nobody can recognise it and live it but oneself. That's one's own responsibility and authenticity. Nothing else will help.

Life is always calling itself to its very nature and waiting to be recognised and enjoyed. That's the nature of Life to express and to enjoy itself, it's our own Nature. Before birth, from birth to death, beyond death. Between us and our own self-recognition lies only the misconception and misunderstanding of the mind; mere ideas, thoughts, concepts covering up and concealing our true nature of pure Awareness, as Innocence itself, as one true Self, as Love itself.

It is one's own freedom and birth right to recognise and honour one's own true Nature. It's truth and freedom itself, and liberation from all imaginary suffering.

It is absolutely Now ! There is no delay, no timing, no "suffering".

There is only Being.

It is Absolute and absolution altogether.


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