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Well... Appart from the basic statement about truth and consciousness and its realization, people ask often about support or practice for this recognition... Of course nothing we can do to support or practice our True Nature, it is already perfect and unchangeable.

The only point left is to check how we support the changeable, the body-mind to go along the best it can. Just to put it down; the more simply naturaly we live our life the easiest it is.

So what's our practice? What are we feeding? Which kind of habits or addiction? What are we supporting?... Everything is food, breathing, drinking, eating, watching, listening, smelling, touching, thinking, talking, relating, standing, moving, working, resting... Everything can be healthy or toxic, words included.

If we use drugs it might not help, no matter which kind of drug we can take, be they so called legal or illegal, artificial or natural. ( From heroin to neuroleptics, from Tv-show to movies, from pizza to pastries, from alcohol to sodas, from cigarettes to chocolate, from power to sex, from fame to money...) All drugs have the same dynamic, first we get a "high", as satisfaction, then we get a "low", as dis or mis-satisfaction... and we start craving for the next shoot...! (including "spiritual ecstasic" shoot!)

So we can simply have a look at that. The human body is by itself a full on range drug factory, from adrenaline to endorphin. What do we trigger? What do we support? Be it on the mental level, emotional or physical level. What do we feed? Clarity or confusion, health or wealth, nectar or poison, satisfaction or greed? (not to overlook the "healthy or sporty or spiritual freak" tendencies!)

Buddha in his way recommanded the "middle path": "Not too tight, not too loose"; as Daedalus to his son Icarus; "Not too high, not too low". Poonjaji had a formula; "Do not think, do not not think, and if you think, think satsang". Who thinks, who asks support or practice? Where is our focus, our practice? Where is our dedication? On beingness itself?... Or on the changing aspects of the flimsy character?... That's it.

Where we focus and invest our attention will give us the matching experience. So, relatively speaking, for the body-character, the support is to bring the light of awareness in all the areas of our daily life and to realize what's going on... and simply honnestly take consequence... or not! That's everyone responsability and free play!

Finally we recover from everything... even from one self!

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