Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


There is nobody "out there" you can be happy with... Ever!
Unless you recognize your self as the very source of all happiness and everything.
Then, no matter what appears to play, you are Happiness itself!

And not even that!... Much more!


As long as there is a single expectation, even in the so-called "most legitimate place", there is suffering.
The end of suffering is freedom. Not freedom from others, but freedom from oneself.

Then there is no more others and no more suffering, because there is no more separate self, no more 'ghost identity'. No more expectation or imagination that things or people or the situation "could be, or should be different". It is realized to be a dream.

Then Being is not anymore seen as potentialy "different", but realized as non different, as non separate... Then who's gonna suffer? Who's not gonna be held?... It is all embracing!...

This is Reality.

Only Being Is.


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