Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


In fact awakening is when you are finish with struggling. When you don't struggle anymore, when you just are, without any concern left of any kind, awakening is Right Here... All by Itself.

You cannot struggle for awakening, it is a reversal! It is the only thing you cannot struggle for. Actually you have to struggle not to awake, to keep yourself sleeping.

As far as there is somebody struggling for whatever purpose, there is no possibility of awakening. When struggling stops, there is no "me", no identity left, this is the clue. Here is awakening. Always been.

That simple.


Do not expect awakening. Do not expect liberation. It is not an event nor a happening. It is "what is". It is the Source of all perception. It is that which is aware, including these words now.

Events or happenings are in time and space; they come and they go. Nothing reliable, nothing real. Right now, no time, no thing, no space, pure openess, pure "awakeness". Pure is-ness. No more, no less.

Whatever we expect covers up truth, covers up our true nature. What do you really want? Do you want to be true to yourself? Do you want to entertain the story? The story is all we have. Awakeness is all we Are.

There is no liberation but now.

There is no judgment.


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