Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...

The Gap...

There is no path, there is no step, there is nothing.

Only a gap. To call it "gap", "No-thing" or "Now" is the less and the best we can say to point to it. But it is not even an "it", a "thing" which can be pointed at. What's left aware of that?...

It cannot be define, it is our true nature which is not a state to reach, to keep or to lose. All this is but the play of our imagination. We are not our imagination nor the play of thoughts.

It is not a state at all, it Is, it is "Be-ing", yet not a being! We are, we know it, we like it! Our Being Knowing Enjoying is not dependant of anything! It is intrinsic. It is our True Nature!

We have so-called forgotten. We have taken ourselves to be body-minds, and we identify with the events, situations and circumstances being perceived. It is just not so.

It is true that identification is happening with the body-mind organism, yet it is not true that we are it. Not at all! And we do know it !

This Absolute Being-Knowing-Enjoying is just mixed up with its manifestations, or let's say, melted with its "in-side-effects". But even mixed-up, it doesn't change anything to the True Nature that we Are. Investigate!...


Just Being yourself right back Here and Now!

Being this amazing and dimensionless "gap"... (             ) ...Explore it Truly! Explore it Fully!

This Is Absolutely our Own.

Welcome Home !


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