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If the thought arises that you can do something, or you cannot; or that you have done something, or you have not... and if you believe it, you just keep yourself in suffering. Inquire, "Who?"... There is no "you" in the first place. This "Who" is the wandering ghost! There is nothing any one can do or not do, and in Truth there is nothing being done, and there is no one to do anything!

Being only Is. Being is before the thought, even before the thought of "I", during and after all thoughts, always the same, untouched by any thought or anything. Not a thought will do! Just see it Now. It's free, it's Freedom.

Thoughts are Awareness, feelings are Awareness, senses are Awareness. There is no-separation. Nothing else but Awareness. Where can you find separation in Awareness?...

Without Awareness, nothing... and No-thing still reveals Awareness; and Awareness is Being Itself. Here is no-separation. Only This Is.

Here and Now, Hear and Know.

This is Re-Cognition.



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