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What is called Truth?

Truth is that which doesn't change. Awareness, Silence, no thought. That simple. Pure Presence.

Satsang is not inviting you to understand anything or to get any experience. You will not even get nothing, cause nothing cannot be gotten. Satsang is an invitation to no experience, to no understanding, to no thing. Satsang is inviting you to lose everything you can lose, all the way through!... and to realize what cannot be lost. When everything is lost, what is left?... This is our True Self...

That which cannot be lost!


Truth doesn't give you anything. Truth takes everything; all your life's savings, all your dearest investments. Truth takes 'you' away. Truth doesn't give you anything; you have to give everything to Truth, including "you". That's the masterpiece!... Is that what "you" really want?... "You" cannot want that! It's a joke... "You" is the joke! Only Truth wants Itself, not "you". "You" are not welcome in Truth; because in Truth, "you" doesn't exist.

Truth only welcomes Itself.



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