Self Awareness"The Moment's Dance "...


There is nothing wrong in thinking, nor anything right in non thinking.

They both happen by themselves, quite naturally.

We cannot keep a single thought constantly, so why should we try to get rid of what we cannot keep?...

Instead we can see the thinking process for what it is, Just a changing and passing by perception...

And we can see as well what doesn't pass.

This is it.


Whatever we can consider, as accomplishment, success or failure, brings us back to our self. Not our self as a personal subject with its personal objects of thinking, feeling, sensing, but our self as the very and sole point of living "awake-ness" regardless of any object. The objectless consideration of that which cannot even be a subject, but pure being, pure "seeing", perceiving or better, self realizing.

We are always send back to our Very Self.

Nothing else.


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